Discover the 5 Ridiculously Simple Dance Moves that Transform You From ‘Shy and Awkward’ on the Dance Floor to a ‘Dance Stud’... Almost Overnight!

I'm going to teach you the complete 'inner game' of dance so you’ll look like you know what you’re doing... even if you’re a complete newbie and have ZERO dance experience.

Women Around the Country are BEGGING to Find Men Who Will Step-Up and Dance with them.

I have over 775,000 followers across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and get dozens of comments like these every day:

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Hey cowboy...

Hunter here.

If you’re one of those guys who shy away from the dance floor every time you go out because you don’t know how to dance...

Or you don’t have enough confidence to show off your moves or simply think that you’re not one of those ‘dancing types’, then you’re going to want to hear what I have to say.

It’s no secret that women love to dance.

You can go out to any bar and find that the hottest women are on the dance floor.

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Dancing is Sensual, Seductive and Borderline Foreplay for the Feminine Mind

If you do it right, you can trigger massive attraction inside any woman within the first few minutes.

But the trouble is that most guys don’t know how to dance or what to do when they get on the dance floor. They think that they need to be an expert in order to be able to dance on the dance floor and that is simply not true.

Contrary to popular belief, dancing isn’t hard and you don’t need to be an expert in order to know how to rock it on the dance floor.

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You DON'T Need to be a Professional Dancer to Kill it at Country Bars, Weddings, Concerts, Tailgates or Parties

What you need to do on stage to impress the judges is TOTALLY different from what you need to do to impress a woman on the dance floor.

In fact, professional dancing can work AGAINST you with many women.

What I’ve discovered after years of dancing is that there are only 5 fundamental moves that you need to know in order to go out, dance and look like you know what you’re doing.

These 5 basic moves let you build a solid dance foundation and have the core confidence that will allow you to dance anytime, anywhere, with any woman on demand and to any music that's playing (not just country).

Once you can master these 5 moves, you can mix and match to create your own moves.

But it all starts with these 5 moves

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Here’s Why This Matters to You...

I’ve been helping guys get their dancing game together for quite some time now and almost finished putting together a full blown video training ‘60 Minute Dance Stud Masterclass’ teaching you how to quickly & easily dance to impress women.

Yes, specifically geared towards impressing the opposite sex.

Whether it’s your girlfriend, someone you like and want to amplify the attraction for or that cute girl standing across the bar that you want to break the ice with… will work for you.

The next time you’re out at a bar, a party, a wedding or a re-union all you’ll need to do is follow exactly what I teach you in the ‘60 Minute Dance Stud Masterclass’ and watch as the girl you’re dancing with get incredibly attracted to you.

Here’s Just a Taste of What You’ll Get Inside the “60 Minute Dance Stud Masterclass”:

What to do with a girl who doesn’t know how to dance. (Knowing this will make the dancing way more fun and amplify the attraction a hundred fold.)

The 5 simple (yet highly effective) dance moves that work like crazy with girls and will turn all the other girls watching green with envy because they're not dancing with you!

A fool-proof way to ask any girl to dance with you without looking like a creep or scaring her off.

The amazing "dance effect" secret that stirs women so powerfully they may become emotionally drunk. WARNING - you can accidentally use it on yourself if you're not careful.

How to figure out the correct tempo of a song and dance to the beat. (You’ll look like what you’re doing even if you’ve never heard the song before or danced in that style.)

BULLETPROOF CONFIDENCE with a "quick fix" mindset shift that will leave you oozing with confidence anytime you step onto the floor.

3 simple but often ignored keys to being a strong lead and making her look good. (Even if you’re not an expert, knowing how to lead will get her heart racing with desire.)

How to avoid the 5 dance "time bombs" ready to blow NOW that can destroy your chances with even the most patient girl

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As you can see Women WANT to dance.

In fact, they LOVE country dancing, but there are no men ready to LEAD.

My Mission is to Turn You into THAT Man

A man who is so confident in his abilities to lead that he can walk up to any woman, get her on the dance floor and show her a time she would never forget.

You can be that man.

It’s not difficult to get there. All you need to do is invest in yourself and the “60 Minute Dance Stud Masterclass” and follow along my step by step videos.

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Don't End Up as a Sidelined, Lonely Wallflower

Listen, I’ve been in countless situations where I could’ve had, you know, THE GIRL if only I knew how to dance. But I was so damn nervous to make a move and so afraid to look like a fool that I froze up cold.

Instead, I acted like an insecure teenager, paralyzed by countless what-if scenarios racing inside my head.

I’ve regretted those moments and beaten myself up over them.

I don’t think I need to tell you how that feels, right?

It freakin’ sucks.

I’ve been there and I don’t want it happening to you.

It wasn’t until I made the commitment to learn to dance and put myself out there that I was able to see results in my life.

And by results I mean rock-solid confidence on the dance floor, beautiful women lining up to dance with me and that jealous look in the eyes of other guys who wished they had half the confidence and skill that I had.

And it was all because of the 5 moves that I teach you in the ‘60 Minute Dance Stud Masterclass’.

So if you want to impress the ladies and absolutely own the dance floor next time you go out irrespective of the song that’s playing, the ‘60 Minute Dance Stud Masterclass’ is perfect for you.

Click the order button below to make sure that you’re the guy rocking it on the dance floor and not just standing passively ‘hoping and waiting’ for things to happen.

Frquently Asked Questions:

How Will I Receive the Training?

Everything will be available to instantly you ONLINE - so you won't have to wait for any shipping. You can watch from your computer, phone or tablet!

Do I Need to Know How to Dance?

NO! I created this specifically for men who have never stepped foot on the dance floor and have no musical background. You don't need ANY prior experience.

Does this Cover Country Two-Step?

No it does not, this is focused on beginner & basic swing. This course is specifically designed for men with little to no dance experience who want to learn FAST so they can start dancing. Two-step is a great dance and you'll want to learn it eventually but it takes longer to pick up than swing (and most girls like swing better)

Is This for Men and Women?

This course was created specifically for leads (men) and will give them the confidence and skills necessary to step out onto the dance floor without worrying about making mistakes.

Does my Girlfriend / Dance Partner Need to Know How to Dance?

Nope! That's one of the great things about dancing as a man - your partner doesn't need to know ANYTHING about dance and you can still make her look amazing and feel amazing with the simple moves I show you in this course.

What if I Don't Have a Country Bar to Dance At?

These moves will work in a country bar but are also flexible enough to work ANYWHERE music is playing and girls like to dance - weddings, parties, tailgates, concerts, you name it!

Do You Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Absolutely. If any time during the 30 day period you feel like you didn’t get enough value from the course or that you’re not learning what you need to be learning in order to lead women on the dance floor, simply drop me an e-mail at [email protected] and we'll give you a 100% full prompt and a hassle free refund.

Is this different than Date Night Dancing?

Yes, this program is more focused for single men and teaches a few simple moves plus mindset / confidence for dancing. If you are in a relationship start with the Date Night Dancing program instead.

Unconditional, No Questions Asked

Money-Back Guarantee...

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Try “60 Minute Dance Stud Masterclass” on me and if any time during the 30 day period and if at any point you feel like you didn’t get enough value from the course or that you’re not learning what you need to be learning in order to lead women on the dance floor, simply drop me an e-mail at [email protected] and we'll give you a prompt and a hassle free 100% full refund.

Go ahead and click on the order button below and learn to lead like a pro even if you’ve never danced before and start convulsing at the idea of getting on the dance floor.

Go and get em'

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